We’ve provided these simplified instructions to help get you started in the Taste Nutrition School Lunch Program. Our easy-to-use online system is a convenient way to ensure that your child receives nutritious and healthy lunch meals.

Create Account:

Please sign up and complete a profile form for you and your child. To begin, click on “Create Account.”  Insert your school pass code.  This will then take you to the registration page for your school.  Fill out the required fields and submit. Once you’re signed up, you can log in directly with your user name and password.



Menu Page:
Select the student you would like to order for from the drop down menu.  Next, make your food selections by choosing meals from the school menu for the desired calendar dates. Select food choices for as many days as you wish.  An extra entree for the same day can be selected at a discounted price. Please keep in mind, you must make your selections a few days in advance.

Once you’ve completed and are satisfied with your selections, click “submit,” to continue.

Your kid’s customized lunch menu will be displayed on the calendar for final review before paying.


Payment page:
Your selections are displayed on the calendar page and total costs are shown in your “View Order History” section.  Your billing information is secure and we do not distribute any  information on our web site to outside parties.

You’ve just ensured that your child will receive a healthy lunch.

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