Gluten Free Lunch Program

Serving a lunch that nourishes the body and fuels the minds of children is our focus. 

We realize that gluten intolerance in children is becoming more common; and so we are pleased to introduce our new Gluten Free Lunch Program.  Our chefs have created a new menu of “Kid Friendly” items that have the right texture and taste that your children will enjoy. 

A gluten free diet is thought to benefit those with many ailments including celiac and Crohn's disease, diabetes, and attention deficit - hyperactivity disorder.  Because we understand the special care that must be taken when preparing these meals, we prepare them in a dedicated gluten free facility and then frozen.  They will be heated and served at lunch time

These meals are only offered at some of the schools we serve.  The complete meal includes an entrée, vegetables, fruit and milk or bottled spring water.

We look forward to serving your children.

  • To order, please go to:

  • To begin, click on “create account.” 

School Registration Code:                 GF

If you have children that participate in another Taste Nutrition Pre Order Lunch Program, you will need to create a different account using a different user name /email address.

If you do not have more than one email address, you can set up free accounts at sites such as Google or Yahoo.

Menu Selection Page

Choose your lunch selection by clicking on the day you wish to order.  Your selection will be highlighted in green.  When satisfied with the selections, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “submit” to continue. 

Lunch Orders and Changes

Orders must be placed by two days before the lunch date.

Changes can be before the lunch date by going to the ‘school menu’ link and clicking on the lunch date made up to two days

  • The order can be changed by choosing a new item.
  • The order can be cancelled by choosing the ‘no lunch’ option.                

Click the submit button, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “submit” again to continue. 

Account credits can be checked by going to the ‘my profile link’.  Credits can be used for subsequent purchases or refund checks can be requested.

Payment Page

The total cost of your selections is displayed on this page.  Enter your billing information and valid credit card number.  Please note that your billing address must match your registration address.  Be assured that your information is secure.

You will receive an email from Taste Nutrition Services confirming your order and another from, the third-party that processes the credit card transaction.

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